Vocabulaire :  FAMILY / Famille

Type: ENIGMA - Enigme

Logiciel nécessaire :  

Lis les indices (CLUES)...

Choisis le jeu 1 (Amy's family), trouve le prénom de chacun et clique sur CHECK SOLUTION

Pour faire le jeu 2, clique sur BACK TO TABLE en haut de l'écran de jeu à droite  

  1. Amy has got a brother, Alfie, and a half-sister Morgan.
  2. She is one of Camila’s granddaughter
  3. Her parents are divorced: James, her father is not remarried
  4. Amy’s stepfather’s name is Joseph
  5. Molly and Dylan are twins, they were born the same day !
  6. Lucas is Joshua and Lauren’s only son.
  7. Lilian has got two daughters and one son
  8. Thomas is one of Joshua’s brother-in-law
  9. Harper (a woman) is Thomas’ wife
  10. Harper is Joshua’s sister-in-law
  11. Alfie’s grandfather is George