The terminology of the world wide web isn't easy, even for the savviest of technology people. One can be easily swamped by the everyday overload of new and strange ways of naming items on the web. Before we have even started, there is a phrase in itself that needs some explanation, web. This means the connection of people via technology all across the globe.

Now let's delve into the harder topics and try to understand the English behind the phrase.


link packages

This is the destination one visits when viewing the web. People visit websites to gather information on a topic to which the website is dedicated. Some websites have content that is generated by other people. These are seen as more of a platform for the exchange of information rather than just a one way street of giving out information.

Search Engine

The problem initial web users face with the web was it was hard to find the websites which contained the information they were after. Up stepped the search engine, which provided a service of attempting to present the websites to the user based on a topic on which the user was searching. Search engines have evolved rapidly over the years and today play a crucial role in helping sort out the web. Many of use follow language learners have taken advantage of search engines from everything such as finding new resources, to even instant translation.


This is where we start to become a little technical in our understanding of English on the web. A backlink is when one website links to another website. This is important because a large proportion of how search engines work is via backlinks. Many websites often invest in backlink packages, click here to find out more about these packages. Search engines apply weighs to backlinks to determine how important they are compared to other backlinks. If a website receives many important backlinks. It can see itself potentially rise up the search engine rankings.


Code is what runs everything on the web in terms of software. Code informs the hardware what to do and interacts with other code on other websites. Code is what also helps with translation purposes for this website. We are able to present the website in multiple languages as the code stores the contents in these languages. It then presents the website in the language that suits the visitor's local language.

Social Media

The topic of social media is something we touched on previously in the article whereby there are websites that allow people to exchange information. These websites come in many shapes and forms and can be differing degrees of private to public depending on what users want. Chatting exchanges between two people of different languages can be enabled easily with social media. These websites can instantly translate messages sent between two users.

In conclusion, we have covered some of the most basic, but important, terms on the Internet. We hope this helps your English understanding of the Internet and sparks further reading of the topic. Please contact us for further explanations and translations of not just the web, but all language issues.