VIDEO-MUSIC- Pull up your pants

June 10, 2013
Remonte ton pantalon !! (entre gospel et rap...)

This for all the people.. just pull 'em up! 
I'm getting tired seeing all the dirty 
I know when I'm walking down the street 
Pull 'em up! 

Think that it's swagging, cut the pants swagging 
Pull your pants up, pull your pants up 
Pull em up, pull em up 
Pull your pants up, pull your pants up 
Pull em up, pull em up 
Pull your pants up, pull your pants up 
Pull em up, pull em up 
Pull your pants up, pull your pants up 
Pull em up, what? 
Pull em up, what? 
Pull em up, what? 

Oh, you're Mr. Crew, yeah you're Mr. Fly 
You're rapping your fly jeans, you're rapping your fly shirt 
Showing off your... like you're wearing the mini skirt 
You can't be serious, you're just so hilarious 
I gotta act... 
So momma ain't no fool 
So are you showing off your.. and you're missing the... 
You can't see man, come on, pull 'em up! 

The London bridge falling, but.. for your pants 
You're looking for a job, well give yourself a chance 
You're going to school, well pull em up, man 
You show up in the club, well how you gonna dance? 
You move to the left, left, you move to the right 
I think somebody's pants gonna fall till tonight 
Now everybody love me and you're ready to fight 
You could have been avoided if you did things right 

Pull 'em up boys, what you're thinking about? 
Nobody wanna see you with your butt sticking out 
Walking down the street... 
I thought everybody gonna do the underwear 
Then you get mad when the people start to stare 
Just pull 'em up, stop fooling around 
It's not just your pants, you're pulling all down! 
You think you're cool to drag us all down 

And don't be mad at me for telling what it is 
This is just a view from a 9 years old kid! 
Trying to live my life, try to handle my biz 
But I'm damn sick and tired of all the... 
Oh no he did it, oh yes he did 
I'm the new... of all the little kids role model seem to be corrupt 
...sending on the message to pull the pants up! 


VIDEO - Georges Washington

June 10, 2013
L'histoire de Georges Washington en dessin animé
Durée : 6 min
Niveau: Collège

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VIDEO - The history of St Patrick

June 10, 2013
L'histoire de St Patrick, le saint irlandais le plus connu
Durée: 3 min
Niveau: Collège

Slavery= esclavage, Christian = chrétien

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VIDEO- FUN- Beauty is nothing without brain !

June 10, 2013
Une pub sympa
Durée : 1min
Niveau: College

Brain = cerveau

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VIDEO - Horrible histories - Prisoners of war escape

June 10, 2013
Une série historique avec l'humour anglais
Durée : 3 min

To escape= s'échapper, To cancel = annuler, at the spot = immédiatement, to win/won/won = gagner

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VIDEO- Voice recognition elevator - FUN !

June 10, 2013
FUN ! Sketch sur un ascenceur (an elevator, a lift) qui est sensé reconnaitre la voix.
Ecoute les différents accents ! 
Durée 4 min

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VIDEO- Save cheetahs

June 10, 2013
Vidéo sous-titrée (en anglais bien sûr) sur les guépards
Durée: 4min
Niveau : COLLEGE

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VIDEO- Eyes on the star

June 10, 2013
Ecoute cette histoire vraie (3min) sur l'astronaute Ronald Mac Nair qui est décédé dans l'explostion d'une navette américaine.

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GRAMMAR - Irregular verbs ! (vidéo)

June 10, 2013

Ecoute et chante !

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OUTIL - Dictionnaire vidéo anglais GCFL

June 4, 2013

Un dictionnaire de mots simples en vidéo...
Classé par SUJET

Quelques jeux et activités (fill in the gaps,...)
Pas toujours facile de s'y retrouver

Bien sûr gratuit...

Par ailleurs, ce site propose des jeux sous forme de vidéos interactives extrêmement bien faits, car très naturels et intuitifs.

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