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Learning English can be a life-changing experience that opens up so many possibilities and prospects. There are over 1.5 billion English speakers in the world. This makes up nearly one-seventh of the Global population, meaning those who speak English have chances in life that many others do not.

Careers Prospects from Learning English

One large factor for learning English is the strong English language based economies around the world. This means finding a job in an economy like the US or England can lead to fast professional growth. A large growth industry in the US is the technology sector. Many technology companies are looking to bring the best talent into the US and London to fill the gaps in knowledge.

Marketing companies, from San Francisco startups to Jacksonville SEO specialists, have seen a 10 fold increase in using foreign labor for local growth. Statistics now show that nearly one-third of the silicon valley tech workforce is not from the United States.

Knowing English when arriving at these firms is essential as you will be expected to hit the ground running. Some tech giants like Google and Facebook offer extended help for foreign workers to more easily integrate into the local environment. SEO firms in Jacksonville often offer free English lessons inside work hours.

Resources for Learning English

The benefits to learning English are equally matched with the easy access to learning resources. The US has more scholarship offers for students from abroad than any other country in the world. However, for those looking to start with the basics, Tim's Box is here to help. We have many resources throughout the website to kick off your learning needs. These resources include basic sentence structures, essential verbs to learn and some key everyday phrases to wrap your head around. For more advanced users, Tim's Box has written some English short stories to help understand the more nuanced areas of the language.

Where to Start the Journey

There are many ways to start learning a language, as we cover here on Tim's Box. Let's review some sure-fire methods to get the ball rolling quickly:

  • Participate in some free online courses for learning English
  • Download some language learning apps for on the road word references and translations
  • Search on Google for your local English language center and enroll in a course
  • Find a local English meet up to attend and mingle with English speakers

Once the learning begins, it will be hard to stop. Learning a new language is a fun and exhilarating experience. Luckily, English is not a difficult language for those that speak similar Latin-based languages. Spanish may be a little easier than English to learn, however, the gap between the two languages is small. Studies have shown that a commitment of over 900 hours of class time and homework can lead to being fluent in a language like English.

Let us know your tricks for tackling a new language and how you overcome the initial difficult steps. Tim's Box is a great resource for inspiration and we encourage you to navigate around to find the right resources for your current level.