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Although grilling meat in winter might seem to be an unlikely activity, it is actually a fun thing to do with your friends and family.  It can drive away the winter blues while giving the chance to bond with each other.  What is more, it is also an enjoyable way for you to learn new words, as well as help you adjust to life in your new home. While you’re at it, you can use kerosene heaters to keep yourself comfortably warm outdoors.

So, what are new words should you learn so that you can use these at the winter barbeque party?

Barbeque or barbecue - This is an event where people get together and have a meal, which consists of meat that is cooked over a grill or open fire.  ("Jeanette is having a winter barbecue in her garden tomorrow. She will be using the best kerosene heater to keep us warm. You should come!")

Baby back ribs - This is the meat taken from the lowest part of the rib cage that has less fat and is more tender.  They are also taken from hogs of market-weight and not from sows. ("I really love tender, spicy, and fall-off-the-bone barbequed ribs.")

Briquette - These are blocks of compressed coal dust or charcoal, typically used as a fuel source for barbeques and grilling, ovens, and heaters. ("Please stock up on charcoal briquettes for our winter barbeque)".

To marinate - This is the act of soaking meat in a sauce of oil and spices of some kind before grilling it. This process makes the meat tastier and more tender. ("Let us marinate the beef overnight before grilling it so that it will taste better.")

Marinade - The sauce or liquid mixture of oils, acids (vinegar), spices, and others used for soaking and submerging the meat and other foods for added flavor. ("Please do not forget to prepare the marinade for the pork ribs  for tomorrow’s barbeque.")

Fire up the grill - This means to light the grill or start the grill. ("Come over tomorrow. We can fire up the grill and have a barbecue.")

To grill - This is the process of cooking meat over an open fire. ("Can you help me grill the burgers?")

Rare, medium rare, well done, overcooked - These are different ways to cook meat. Rare means that the meat is cooked only slightly, leaving the center cold, red and soft. Medium rare means to cook it a little more, but the center remains red. Well done means to cook the meat so that it is brown all the way through. Overcooked means to cook the meat until it is very firm, burnt, and usually colored black. ("I’d like my meat to be medium rare, please!")

Searing - Browning the meat to form a crust over high heat.  This results in a tasty bark on the outside of the meat. (Let us sear the steak before we grill it).

Skewer - This is a piece of long metal or wood used for holding pieces of meat, fruits, and vegetables.  ("They put cuts of lamb and slices of tomato on a skewer.")

There is much to be said at a barbecue. You can take this as the perfect opportunity to brush up on your English speaking and oral communication skills. You can even bring along a kerosene heater to everyone warm. Who knows, you just might end up new friends.