One of the best opportunities that English teachers have is teaching English abroad in countries that do not have enough English teachers. However, there is a pretty strict process that teachers have to go through before applying for work. For this reason, it’s highly important for a teacher planning to apply abroad to do self-background check. If you are interested in becoming an English teacher abroad, click here for some background checks which you need to do on yourself.

State Criminal Background Check

Most of the countries in Southeast Asia like Vietnam will only require something like a state criminal background check. You may apply for a background check in your own home country if the school you’re applying for allows it. There are times when the school will require you to have a background check in the country you reside in. This one can be done in the local police station. This will really depend on the requirement that your desired school has of foreign teachers.

FBI Background Check

While the state or local police background checks are quite easy to do, the FBI background check is a little bit more difficult because these background checks are longer and more tedious. They also entail more requirements before the FBI can perform the background check on you. There are some countries in Asia that will require both a police background check and an FBI background check. These countries include South Korea, Japan, and more.

If you do need to get an FBI check, you need to apply for one in advance because it will take up to four months before you get your results. We suggest that you do this around 6 months in advance or more before application.

To apply, all you have to do is visit their website. There is an application page there with some instructions on how you can apply. Once you apply online and submit all the necessary requirements, they will process your application and get back to you after around 4 months with the background check results.

Using A Channeler

Fortunately, there are accredited channelers that can process the FBI criminal background checks faster than the regular time if you pay them a service fee. If you’re rushing your application, you can use them instead of waiting for months. They are especially helpful if you need to get an apostille (a certificate that shows your document can be used internationally). Channelers have experience when handling apostilles, so they can be able to help you process these documents faster and with less hassle.

Before you teach abroad, a background check is mandatory by any school. The question is which checks will be necessary. If you think you won’t be able to get the FBI criminal background check, then you may just apply for the one that requires the state or local police background check. But if you can get the FBI background check, you should have no problem applying for stricter schools like the ones in Korea and Japan.