Children’s Rights At School

In times when your young children will be away from you, they will most likely be at school. For several hours, you will be entrusting your children to the education system. Your concern for their well-being at school goes beyond academic learning – children also need to feel valued, included and safe. If you are concerned that your child’s rights at school are being violated despite repeated mediations with school authorities, then Israeli עורך דין may be your next recourse.  

Know Your Child’s Rights At School

Because the people in authority are adults, children’s rights are not recognized most of the time. By their age and size, children depend on their parents, guardians and other adults to make most decisions for them. Knowing first the rights of your children will help you in dealing with the school system in both collaborative and if ever, opposing stands.

Access To Education

Every child who wants to learn should have access to education and learning resources. Schools should not reject a child without a valid reason. 

Free Speech And Expression

Being able to express oneself is a constitutional right, regardless of age. Children should be able to voice out their opinion even if it is not aligned with the principles of the school. Rudeness need not be tolerated, of course. Children can be guided in expressing their opinions respectfully and creatively while still retaining the good values espoused by the school.


School systems have adapted inclusive education for many years now, allowing children access to education regardless of race, color and ethnicity. If you feel that your child is being targeted on the basis of these factors, a discrimination case can be brought before Israeli lawyers to open up dialogs with the school district.

Access To Basic Values Formation, Guidance And Health Services

Schools should be able to provide proper facilities to meet basic needs in counseling and medical aid.

Equal Opportunity For Students With Disabilities

Educators should be able to provide accommodations within specific and reasonable parameters for students with diagnosed disabilities and developmental delays. Educators shouldn’t judge their students for their inability to cope; fellow students who do so should be discouraged while being taught acceptance of different types of learners. Students suspected to have such limitations that are a hindrance to their growth and learning should be supported in seeking the proper diagnosis or help.

Safety And Protection Against Violence

One of the most commonly ignored children’s rights is their vulnerability to violence. This kind of abuse can come in many forms. Some are subtle while some are openly aggressive. Some of these are taunting, teasing, humiliation, threats and physical violence, bullying, assault and sexual violation. For children to be protected from all these deplorable acts, the school should have strong anti-bullying systems in place. Students who are found to be victims of any abuse have the right to be trained by professionals in trauma evaluation, psychological testing and counseling, and preparation for integrating back into the school system.

Safeguard Your Child By Keeping Watch

It is every school’s obligation to ensure that their students learn in an inclusive and safe environment with a plan in place to prevent untoward violation of human rights. Parents and guardians are also within their right to follow up on their own child if they suspect any wrongdoing.